Download: Advanced Fire Alarm Training Manual

Tài liệu Advanced Fire Alarm Training Manual là một cuốn tài liệu cực hay cho những kỹ sư điện. Bên dưới là nội dung của cuốn tài liệu:

Table of Contents
Section 1: Introduction

  • Manual Overview 

Section 2:  Fire Alarm System Requirements & System Overview

  • Fire Safety Code & Standard Requirements 
  • Occupancy Classifications 
  • Fire System Equipment Components 
  • Sprinkler System Supervision Requirements 
  • Types of Fire Systems 
  • Conventional Systems
  • Addressable Systems
  • Analog/Addressable Systems 

Section  3: System Wiring

  • Circuit Types Overview 
  • Class B Circuits
  • Class A Circuits
  • End of Line Resistor Supervision
  • Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs)
  • Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) 
  • Signaling Line Circuit Overview
  • T-Tapping/Branch Circuits
  • Isolator Devices
  • RS-485 Connections

Section 4: Initiating Device Requirements

  • Initiating Device Overview 
  • Installation Overview
  • Manual Alarm Station Types
  • Manual Alarm Station Installation Requirements
  • Smoke Detectors 
  • Smoke Detector Installation Considerations
  • Smoke Detectors in Residential Occupancies
  • Residential Smoke Detector Types
  • Residential Smoke Detector Location 
  • New Residential Installation Considerations
  • Existing Residential Installation Considerations 
  • Air Duct Smoke Detectors
  • Duct Detector Requirements
  • Heat Detectors
  • Heat Detector Types
  • Heat Detector Installation Considerations
  • Fire Sprinkler Panels

Section 5: Notification Appliances Requirements

  • Notification Appliances Overview  
  • Audible Notification Requirements
  • Average Ambient Sound Level Guidelines
  • Multiple Rated Audio Devices
  • Low-Frequency Sounder Requirements
  • Other Audible Device Installation Considerations
  • Public & Private Modes Occupancy Requirements
  • Visual Notification Requirements
  • Installation Orientation
  • Corridor Installation Requirements
  • Candela Light Output Rating 
  • NFPA's Light Output Candela Requirements 
  • Multiple Candela Rated Visual Devices
  • Remote Annunciators 
  • Types of Annunciators
  • Fire Alarm Signals

Section 6: Communications Technology

  • Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT)
  • DACT Overview
  • Equipment Requirements for DACT Communications 
  • Transmission Requirements for DACTs
  • IP Communications 
  • IP Communications Overview
  • IP Connection Types
  • Equipment Requirements for IP Communications
  • Transmission Requirements for IP Communications
  • Single Communication Path
  • Multiple Communication Paths 
  • Radio Systems
  • Radio Systems Overview 
  • Two-Way Radio Frequency (RF) Multiplex Systems 
  • Equipment Requirements for Two-Way Radio 
  • Transmission Requirements for Two-Way Radio Systems 
  • One-Way Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
  • Equipment Requirements for One-Way Radio
  • Transmission Requirements for One-Way Radio Systems
  • Comparison of DACT, IP & Radio System Communications 

Section 7: Battery & SLC Calculation Worksheets / Submittal Documentation

  • Calculation Overview
  • Notification Voltage Drop
  • Lump Sum Calculation Method 
  • Battery Standby Calculations
  • Submittal Documentation

Appendix A: Glossary & Definitions
Appendix B: Control Panel Symbols
Appendix C: Signal Initiating Devices & Switch Symbols
Appendix D: Signal Indicating Appliances & Related Equipment Symbols
Appendix E: System Installation & Troubleshooting Tips

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